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Trisomy Care Package

Gemma Bear, included in Addy Grace Gift 


Hope for Trisomy's Care Package was inspired by the life of Addalyn Grace, who had Trisomy 18 and lived for 26 months. A trisomy diagnosis can be scary, but we would like to offer a gift that might help provide a little comfort and hope. We offer the care package free of charge to families who are faced with a trisomy diagnosis either prenatally or after birth. Every child should be celebrated and embraced no matter how long their life may be. It is our hope that this gift is a reminder that you are not alone and there is hope in a world where many doctors give none.

What's Included:

  • Gemma Bear (named after Gemma Therese Holihen who lived 52 minutes with Trisomy 13)

  • Holding on to Hope book ( author Nancy Guthrie knows what it's like to face a life-limiting diagnosis for your child)

  • Several other small gifts we hope you will cherish

Click on the button below to complete the form to request your Addy Grace Gift free of charge, or donate so that a family facing a  trisomy diagnosis can receive one.

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